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DEEPOWER 1000W Electric Bike For Adults 20Ah MTB 48V Foldable eBike

DEEPOWER 1000W Electric Bike For Adults 20Ah MTB 48V Foldable eBike

DEEPOWER 1000W Electric Bike For Adults 20Ah MTB 48V Foldable eBike   DEEPOWER 1000W Electric Bike For Adults 20Ah MTB 48V Foldable eBike
DEEPOWER Electric Bike - DP-A1. 1000W brushless motor equipped with 48V, 20Ah detachable lithium battery, This e-bike features a removable battery that is hidden in the center frame, and locks with a key for safe storageso you can bring the battery to your home or office to recharge.

Charging time: Approximately 6-8 hours, more than 3000 cycles of charging. And the recommended height of the rider is 5'2" - 6'2". Shimano 7-speed gear motor can easily help you reduce stress on your knees and thighs while riding, assisting you to conquer hills and inclines more effortlessly up to 31-35Miles. And you can have more choice for 5 speed mode than normal, An intuitive, readable display shows you the speed, battery, distance traveled and more, providing your navigation with more confidence and fun.

This foldable electric bicycle has a lighter aluminum alloy frame. Whether commuting to get off work, weekends or holidays, also make your commute faster and convenient. The folding electric bicycle is 90% assembled when you open the box. The assembly jobs are really a piece of cake.

But we also offer you assembling instructions and user manual. Manual Mode:Pedal the Bicycle Normally as You Would Any Bicycle.

[EASY TO ASSEMBLE & HIGH QUALITY]. This electric bicycle is made of light and strong aluminum alloy frame, light and strong, longer service life, better shock absorption effect, and it will bring you the best Riding experience. It is equipped with headlights, aluminum suspension fork, F/R disc brake.

Frame: 20inch aluminum alloy frame. Front fork: 20inch fork lock shock absorber lock / hydraulic shock absorber. Brake system: front and rear oil disc brakes. Tire: 204.00 Chaoyang Tire.

L This item is UL 2849 certified, GCC certified, ROHS certified and EN15194 certified, with a link to the UL Product iQ. If your address is not in one of the above countries, please inquire in advance! We ONLY accept the return for original package. Please make sure that item has NO man-made sabotage. Used items will not be accepted for return.

You bought wrong model or wrong color. We promise to help you solve it asap, and make you feel satisfactory absolutely.

Ll the screws are tightened or not loosened or detached. Check the tires for any problems. You can use the speed control device or manually rotate the tires to confirm. Verify that the brakes operate properly when applied.

After receiving the product, be sure to check the air pressure before running it. Starting the e-bike without checking the air pressure may cause a safety accident. Problems may occur if the battery is left fully charged for a long period of time. Please buffer the battery every two weeks even if you are not driving to prolong battery life.

E air pressure twice a month, if there is no abnormality please use it again. Adopt genuine charger, when charging, plug in the charging cable on the product first before connecting the power supply. Otherwise, the current flowing on the charging terminals of the product and the charger will generate sparks from the product, resulting in damage to the terminals and short-circuiting of the fuse. If the battery is stored in a discharged state for more than 2 weeks, the battery life may be drastically reduced. When not used for a long period of time, charge the battery at least twice a month at a time.

It may not be possible to charge the battery whe. N it is fully discharged. After-sales caused by low voltage discharge are paid. It may cause damage to the battery.

Please note that the battery may not work after absorbing rain or moisture. Charge at 25 degrees room temperature without moisture. Use a separate power outlet and do not use it with other power plugs.

Do not start the product or turn it on while the battery is charging. The tightness of the steering wheel screws before starting to ride. Since you are responsible for any accidents caused by folding the steering wheel while driving without checking by the user(For folding ebike), you must check the folded part before driving and start driving.

Do not use the ebike on slippery roads, slippery surfaces, puddles, bumpy sidewalk tiles, or other places where it is perceived to be dangerous. According to the Road Traffic Act, violations such as driving without a license, driving under the influence of alcohol, riding with a passenger, not wearing a helmet, driving by a child under the age of 13, or driving on a sidewalk are punishable by a fine or penalty.

Please observe the traffic laws in your area!

DEEPOWER 1000W Electric Bike For Adults 20Ah MTB 48V Foldable eBike   DEEPOWER 1000W Electric Bike For Adults 20Ah MTB 48V Foldable eBike